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Topsoil Products in Twin Cities, MN

Topsoil Products

One of our most popular landscaping supplies in Minnesota is topsoil, commonly referred to as dirt or black dirt, which is a variety of soil mixtures generally sold for use in improving gardens and lawns, e.g. container gardens, potting soil and peat. Topsoil normally contains the highest concentration of organic materials. This is where your plants and shrubs obtain their nutrition from. In order to ensure this high organic content KD & Company Recycling, Inc. custom blends a variety of bulk topsoil mixes to ensure the best possible growing conditions for your garden. From the Premium Blend, Rain Garden and Garden Mix, we can also mix topsoil to your very own specifications.

Another important yet not commonly known use for Minnesota topsoil is for proper surface grading near residential buildings such as homes.
Pricing per ton - $40 minimum order
Premium Blend - Landscape Equipment and Supplies in Twin Cities, MN
Premium Blend: 50% dirt / 40% peat / 10% sand
A lighter blend. Ideal for hand work, top dressing lawns & mixing with existing soil to loosen & nourish.
Garden Mix - Landscape Equipment and Supplies in Twin Cities, MN
Garden Mix: 40% dirt / 30% peat / 25% manure / 5% sand
Ideal for flowers & vegetable gardens. Rich in organic matter. Will promote plant growth & healthy root development. Garden Mix is composed of healthy organic nutrients required for successful gardening. Depending on your current gardening soil it is recommended to add this mix to your existing garden soil or replace your soil completely with this mixture.
Rain Garden Mix - Landscape Equipment and Supplies in Twin Cities, MN
Rain Garden Mix, 75% sand / 25% leaf compost
Special Mix - Landscape Equipment and Supplies in Twin Cities, MN
Special Mixes: To your specification
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Prices subject to change without notice. Products subject to availability.

Topsoil and black dirt delivery

We deliver all our topsoil and black dirt products directly to your yard in Minneapolis and surrounding areas of the Twin Cities. In taking a bulk delivery, to your door, you are avoiding countless trips to the garden store to pick up bagged black dirt, or topsoil, and you will save money against regular store topsoil prices. Convenient, less expensive and no need to get rid of all of the plastic bags.

Organic soil – Ideal for your vegetable garden

There are few things as satisfying as sitting down to a meal full of your own produce. The start to that project is a good quality topsoil that contains the correct balance of organic nutrients to promote healthy growth of your chosen vegetables. KD recycling can provide top quality bulk topsoil delivery to your garden, to give your vegetable garden the start it needs to produce great home grown produce.

Topsoil for rain gardens

Rain gardens are important to retain water that would otherwise run back to the local creek, taking nutrients and soil with it. We can provide a rain garden mix to help you create or sustain a rain garden, promoting better retained nutrients in the soil which will help to promote healthier plant growth.