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Landscape Boulders For The Twin Cities Metro Area


Boulders may be used in a garden to create natural looking breaks or boundaries and also make interesting landscape features. KD & Company Recycling, Inc. stocks boulders in various sizes for pickup or delivery to your yard.
Pricing per Price per Ton / 1 Ton Minimum Order - $80 minimum order
Various Sizes - Landscape Equipment and Supplies in Twin Cities, MN
Various Sizes
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Boulders for landscaping

The use of big boulders in the garden may range from directing vehicle and foot traffic to guarding areas of the garden, where you wish to restrict access, e.g. a parking lot. Landscaping boulders have as many uses as your imagination will allow. What about a rock garden, or a fire pit, with big boulders surrounding it, as seating? Boulders make excellent features within a garden space. They can be used to attract, or divert attention, as a stand-alone feature or as a theme.
Boulder fountains have a rugged appeal and may be a central feature in any garden. A boulder “dry stone” wall can divide a garden or act as a boundary, into which plants may be placed, to enhance the feature and to soften the rocky appearance. Water features are a great place for landscaping boulders, adding shadow and depth to the flat water surface. Rock walls, rock gardens or just as a general point of interest in your yard, boulders have wonderful versatility.

Boulders from KD Recycling

Whatever your needs, KD & Company Recycling, Inc. stocks boulders in various sizes and can deliver, in bulk, to your door.
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