Mulch and Wood Chips

Landscaping with wood mulch gives so much more to your garden than just a decorative landscape mulch. Landscaping mulch, whether shredded mulch, or rough blend wood chips, is also a defence against weeds, prevents soil erosion and acts as a water conserver.

Pricing per cubic yard - $40 minimum order
Sylva Natural Hardwood Shredded

Natural Hardwood Shredded

A mixture of Northern Hardwood bark and fibers that are processed to 3" or smaller for a very consistent look that is easy to spread.

Mink Shredded

Dark Walnut Shredded

A very rich, dark brown on a shredded fiber.
Our MOST POPULAR mulch color.

Red Canyon Shredded

Ruby Red Shredded

A bold, vibrant red on a shredded fiber, allowing for dramatic contrasts in any mulch bed.

Golden Rod Shredded

Harvest Gold Shredded

A brilliant, royal gold on a shredded fiber.

screened pine bark

Pine Bark Screened

Rich brown color with the small particles removed to make a neat and clean looking product. Does not fade out like other mulches. Lower PH of 5 to 5.5 so it's great for neutral soils and acid loving plants.


Western Red Cedar Shredded

Our western red cedar comes from the forests of British Columbia where the cedar has the best color. It is insect resistant and will last the longest of all our mulch products. It is 100% natural and looks great next to grass and evergreens.


Prices subject to change without notice. Products subject to availability.

Here at KD Landscape Supply & Recycling, you have a wide range of mulch garden choices, ranging from natural hardwood shredded, dark walnut shredded, ruby red shredded, harvest gold shredded, pine bark screened and western red cedar shredded.  With so many choices, there is a mulch garden contrast waiting for you.

Quality Mulch Products

Why is our Minnesota wood mulch superior to other brands? Because we carry Pine Products mulch. Pine Products is one of the leader  in decorative landscape mulches in the region. By utilizing high quality dyes in the color enhanced mulch the color simply lasts longer, meaning a longer lasting wood mulch contrast in your garden.

Having high quality landscaping mulch delivered to your yard is simply more cost efficient than purchasing mulch by the bag. If you purchase wood mulch by the bag for the common sale price of 3 bags for $10 you would need to purchase 18 bags at $3.33 each to equal one cubic yard of mulch, which comes out to $59.94 per yard (before tax). Compare that to our prices, and you will appreciate, not only the saving, but also the convenience of having your wood mulch delivered direct to your home.

Mulch Delivery in the Minneapolis Area

By having us deliver Minnesota produced landscaping mulch to your door you get the highest quality  brand mulch for less and without the mess of all of those plastic bags and endless trips to the store. Order through KD Landscape Supply & Recycling, today, to ensure your delivery of high quality  landscaping mulch.