Fill Dirt & Sand

Fill dirt, as the name suggests, is used to fill layers, or to reshape land. This versatile product needs to be free of organic material, which may decompose and cause voids within the fill dirt layer, resulting in settling or depressions. If there is excessive settling, this may result in damage to ant buildings or structures built on the land. Different grades of dirt and sand may be used, depending on the requirements of your specific project.

KD recycling offers top quality clay fill dirt and sand, ensuring that the fill dirt, or sand, delivered to you is ideally suited to your building needs.

Pricing per ton - $40 minimum order
Clay Fill (compactable)

Clay Fill (compactable)

Coarse Washed Sand

Coarse Washed Sand


Prices subject to change without notice.  Products subject to availability.

Your choice of fill dirt and sand

Our grades of fill dirt and sand give you the widest choice to ensure that you are able to choose the correct product, for the job you need to complete.

Clay fill,  compactable clay fill and coarse washed sand are available for bulk delivery to your project, from KD Recycling. We are able to offer advice and recommendations, to ensure that your project is completed with the best available products at the best available price.

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